Repartee at Canadian Music Week

Chanty and Lynx have the pleasure of interviewing Repartee  – Winners of the Indie Award for Best Pop Group of the Year!

Chanty has been a long time fan of Repartee since she saw them play in Halifax years ago. Meg and the boys are so funny and sweet and Josh didn’t even complain once when he got blinded by a video light!

The girls ask the band how they really feel about the term Groupie, which city has the most enthusiastic dancers, which form of social media they prefer to connect with fans and what outrageous requests they would have on their roster, if they were that kinda band.

You can find Repartee online at

on Instagram and Twitter @reparteemusic

You can find Chanty and Lynx on Twitter @ChantyandLynx

Instagram @musesandstuffpodcast

online at



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