MunizO at Canadian Music Week

A little bonus for you! Chanty and Lynx went to the show at the Silver Dollar Room for Night 1 of Canadian Music Week and have a little something to share. On the bill was a band called MunizO, a three piece rock and roll group from Japan. They are great! And cute! The Groupies were thrilled! Chanty and Lynx were chatting with them after their show and figured they’d sneak in a little interview.

We learned a few things Night 1 of CMW- including the meaning of the word MunizO, what exactly Jiro was wearing, what the Groupie scene in Japan is like and how powerful the mic is and to not hold it so close to everyone… We apologize for the sound quality. Groupie Growing Pains!

Find MunizO online at and
on Instagram and Twitter @muniz023

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