Meet Sami Harris

Today Lynx and Chanty introduce you to Sami Harris- an LA doll who they met through the Queen- Pamela Des Barres!

Sami Harris is 20 year old writer, social media influencer, music journalist and yogi based in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. She is currently a social media intern for legendary 70s rock Groupie and author Pamela Des Barres’ project called GroupieU. Here, Pamela uses her platform to empower women. In Sami’s spare time she can be found exploring LA with a soy vanilla late in hand or front row at a concert. She is currently working on launching a podcast of her own as well as writing her first non-fiction book, set for release in mid-2018.

Join the girls as they get to know each other, chat and discuss what it’s like to be a Modern Day Groupie.

You can find Sami online on Instagram @samikatherinee and @purenowhere

You can find Pamela Des Barres and GroupieU @pameladesbarres and @groupieu

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