EP 69: Christian Swain of Rock N Roll Archaeology

This week Chanty and Lynx chat with Christian Swain, founder, host and producer over at Rock N Roll Archaeology! We first met when both of our shows were featured on the Elvis episode of the CBC Podcast Playlist.

What is Rock N Roll Archaeology? They’re a group (a symphony!) of podcasts all about rock n roll “digging into music, culture and technology”. Some of their shows include Rock N Roll Archaeology, Reel Rock, Vinyl Snob and Rock N Roll Librarian.

Before we get into each of the shows and how Rock N Roll Archaeology came to be, we ask Christian about his musical beginnings. We ask which posters he had up on his wall as a child, talk about his band Tin Man, discuss his involvement in “Little Kids Rock” as well as the importance of music in schools and of course the FUTURE of Rock N Roll Archaeology!

You can find all their information over at www.rocknrollarchaeology.com

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