EP 63: Ann Moses

This week Lynx tells Chanty all about the delightful Ann Moses. When Ann scored herself a job at Tiger Beat Magazine she, like it’s readers, was just a teen herself. Within a few short years she would go from a part time editorial assistant to editor in chief of the ever growing tween magazine. If you’re picturing her stuck at some desk… think again. Ann spent the majority of her time outside the office. You may have found her traveling on tour buses with Tiger Beat faves like Paul Revere and the Raiders, Dino, Desi & Billy and The Standells, or hanging out on tv and film sets like Where the Action Is, The Monkees and The Flying Nun. Ann would also have the opportunity to see groups like The Mamas & The Papas, Jefferson Airplane and The Bee Gees in the recording studio and could always be found backstage or in the front row for concerts such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Monterey Pop Festival.
Ann worked hard to create personal pieces she knew the readers would love and had a blast doing so. She had exclusive onset access to The Monkees and spent hours with the boys for material for her monthly Monkee column (You’ll have to tune in to hear what she thought about Davy, Micky, Peter & Mike!).  As she says in her memoir “It rarely occurred to me back then, that I was living the dreams of the girls I was writing for: Hanging out with cute teen idol rock stars until the wee hours, having the very kind of chaste fun I was forced to write about. Well, mostly chaste”. When Ann met Maurice Gibb from the Bee Gees sparks flew and she soon found herself staying at the Gibb residence in England. There, the pair began to fall in love, though not everyone was happy about that (we’re looking at you Lulu!).
While Ann managed to keep her own inner fangirl in check while working she was not always immune. When she got chosen to be one of the lucky few to sit at Elvis’s feet during his comeback tv special she was ecstatic & even more so when she watched and discovered her face superimposed over his when he sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. The King never did personal interviews, but that didn’t stop Ann from getting onset of one of his films and meeting the man himself!
Ann’s fantastic memoir Meow! My Groovy Life with Tiger Beats Teen Idols is filled with so many incredible stories there was just too many to fit into one episode! There is plenty more where this came from and you can purchase it where ever books are sold. Be sure to also check out her
website http://annmoses.com/ for more groovy stories that didn’t make it into her book!
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