EP 52: Britta Lee Shain and Bob Dylan

This week we bring you the story of Britta Lee Shain! Britta wrote an incredible memoir called “Seeing The Real You At Last: Life and Love on the Road with Bob Dylan“. Britta’s book is smart, funny, sweet and super super sexy. Ever wondered what it was like to date Dylan in the mid 80s? So did we, and now we know and you can too!

Chanty is massively hungover from burnin’ down the house as David Byrne for Halloween but she manages to bring you an episode full of laughter and Bob Dylan impressions.

Britta Lee Shain had been a huge Dylan fan (also known as a Dylanophile!) well over a decade before she actually met him. If you would have told her then that she would come face to face (and more) with her idol, she would have asked you for a hit of whatever it was you were tokin’! When Britta became a member of Bob’s exclusive inner circle (how did she do it?! Listen to episode to find out…) it was the mid 80s and Bob was embarking on a European tour with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Ever wonder what it was like to have dinner with Bob and Tom and the Heartbreakers and their wives in Cairo? We cover that!

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