EP 33: The Actress in the Song

This week Chanty and Lynx throw together a fun list of actresses who have been muse to not only their directors, but to some famous musicians as well.

Before getting into the muses, Chanty and Lynx discuss their time at the T.O. WebFest and give some shoutouts to their new friends Aaron from the Speech Bubble Podcast & Alex from Ross Never Sleeps, both from the Never Sleeps Network. A big thank you to Dan Speerin and everyone at IWCC for putting together a fabulous event, it was so fantastic to see so many creative and supportive (and adorable!) people out there doing their thing!

Some muses discussed in this weeks episode include Lisa Bonet, Carrie Fisher, Britt Ekland, Brigitte Bardot & Evan Rachel Wood. Fun fact: Did you know that Chanty had pictures of Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg all over her highschool notebooks? It kind of freaked out her teachers… Many of these women inspired multiple tunes, all of which are up on our Muses & Stuff Spotify account! We have an amazing interview coming up for you guys next week so keep on listening!

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