EP: 22 Agnes DeMarco Interview

Agnes DeMarco is a Rock Star. A former ballerina, a true music lover and a guiding light of inspiration, she truly believes that music is the ultimate connector helping people to find their sense of purpose. Oh, and she’s Mac DeMarco’s mom! She has introduced Mac’s band at festivals, joined him on tour and even gotten up on stage to sing alongside her son.

Agnes just returned from spending a few weeks chillin’ in LA with Mac and Keira and took some time to sit down with us to discuss a whoooooooole bunch of stuff! She taught us that Edmonton is the cultural mecca of the prairies and shares with us her upbringing in a musical household. (Be sure to check our her dad’s story- Hank DeMarco, the bionic saxophone player).

We discuss music as a platform for social change, standing up for what you believe and how human connection is of total importance. That’s why Agnes takes the time to connect with Mac’s fans, responding to the questions and letters she receives from the Fan Club. Agnes tells us some amazing stories such as her first rock concert being CREAM because the cute boy on the bus told her to go!

She is our Rock and Roll Oracle, sharing such wisdom as: you don’t have to be Bachman Turner Overdrive to be successful in Canadian music, and that sometimes you don’t need anyone to fix it, you just need somebody to hold you.

We can’t thank Agnes enough for being such an open, kind and beautiful guest. We look forward to frequent check-ins to make sure we keep up to date in the world of Mama DeMarco!

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