Bobbie Brown (She’s my Cherry Pie) Episode 17

From Miss Louisiana Teen USA to Star Search to the Cherry Pie video, this week we talk Bobbie Brown! She’s Chanty’s first Groupie of the 80’s & 90’s, and her doll friend Andrea Holz is here to tell (some of) her story.

Bobbie was married to Jani Lane of Warrant, was in a relationship with Tommy Lee, had a one night stand with LEONARDO DICAPRIO RIGHT BEFORE HE DID ROMEO & JULIET (!!!!!), developed a drug addiction and starred on the reality show the Ex-Wives of Rock, before writing her book: Dirty Rocker Boys. Her story is one hell of an intro to this era of Groupie.

Among Mrs. Cherry Pie, Chanty talks about her magical experience at the Sam Roberts show, his new album and once again discusses magic, David Bowie and clairsentience.

You can find Andrea Holz on Instagram @andrea_holz

You can watch her Web Series “That’s why I like her” on Facebook.

You can find Chanty on Facebook and Instagram @musesandstuffpodcast

and of course, you can find her rockin’ out at shows all around Toronto (she’ll be the one up on someone’s shoulders).

You can find Bobbie Brown on Instagram @brownbobbie

Read her book: Dirty Rocker Boys, or better yet, listen to the Audio Book!


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