Bebe Buell and Nick Ferrio (Episode 2)

This week Chanty chats with Nick Ferrio, recording artist, songwriter and all around great guy from Peterborough, Ontario. Recording from the Bareknuckle Records recording studio, Chanty and Nick discuss Bebe Buell, the rebel model! She was girlfriend and muse to Todd Rundgren, Steven Tyler and Elvis Costello and has one of the best rock n roll memoirs of all time (in Chanty’s expert opinion). Chanty and Nick talk about the time Bebe brought a raccoon to Jimmy Page’s hotel suite, the infamous G-word, and what it’s like to be an artist on tour.

1973-bebeiggypop nicky

Find Nick online:

Instagram: @nickferrio

Twitter: @ferrioinsterio

Find Bebe online:

Instagram: @realbebebuell

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