About the Hosts

Chanty loves making new friends. From her humble roots growing up in Northern Ontario, she went on a quest for love and friendship and wound up knee deep in the hoopla that is rock n roll.

dscf4219Chanty does her best to encourage others to follow their heart and to follow their dreams. She’s a firm believer in that all everyone needs is a whole lotta lovin’, and no, she’s not offended when you call her a groupie.

Lynx is a book nerd, film fanatic and rock n roll worshipper from Toronto, Ontario. Her passion for muses and groupies began when she was 12 and fell in love with Classic Rock. As a teen she helped create the livejournal community ’Vintage Groupies’ which had over a thousand members all sharing their love, photos and knowledge of these amazing women beside the rockstars.

No matter how hard she resists, runs and retires, music and the men who make it have always been a central theme in her life. She’s learned to embrace this and now lets her groupie flag fly!

When she’s not working hard or seeing shows you can find her curled up with a cozy blanket, hot tea, and her ginger cat C.K. Dexter Haven ferociously reading. You can check out her reviews on Goodreads. https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/1654286-lynx

They both currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.