EP 66: Maureen Van Zandt

We couldn’t be more excited to share this weeks interview with the beautiful, talentled and supremely lovely Maureen Van Zandt!
Maureen has had quite an incredible life and it was such a joy to hear some of her stories! Her passion for dance and the theatre has been the center of her life since she was a young girl leading her to work both on and off Broadway. She has built an amazing career for herself, not just dancing and acting but developing her own theatre companies and producing the plays the matter to her most. In this episode, Maureen talks about some of the more memorable plays she’s participated in and her latest theatre company, Renegade Theatre, which she created with Soprano’s co-star and friend Vincent Pastore.
Maureen also shares with us her passion for music. When the British Invasion hit, so did Maureen’s love of rock n roll. When she wasn’t dancing, teenage Maureen could be found working at a record shop, going to concerts and hanging at all the hot spots where the coolest names in rock n roll visited. Maureen tells us some incredible stories from those early years, like taking a ride in James Brown’s Purple Caddy as well as visiting Electric Lady Studios where she listened to the Jimi Hendrix Experience lay down some tracks!
As if that weren’t Rock N Roll enough, wait until you hear about Maureen’s wedding to her husband of 36 years, Steven Van Zandt! She tells us the story of how they met and all about what was no doubt the most rockin’ wedding party ever!
One of the MANY reasons we love the Van Zandt’s is for their outstanding philanthropy. Maureen tells us about some incredible programs such as Little Kids Rock, The Rock n Roll Forever Foundation and their incredible curriculum Teach Rock which is not only now used in classrooms across America but can also be accessed online, all for free, over at teachrock.org. We discuss the importance of women supporting one another and the joy that can be found from teaching others.
Maureen is also a fellow podcaster! Learn about her new venture Generation Gap, how the idea came about and how much fun her and co-host Josh Accardo have talking all things pop culture!
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