Interview with Avery Florence

Avery Florence is a Toronto based artist. Avery’s EP January which was recorded live off the floor was released earlier this year and it is SO GOOD.

When Avery walked in to record, Lynx and I knew right away that this recording would lead to a wonderful friendship. In this episode, we talk about getting back to our inner child, women feeling confident and taking on leadership roles, the magic of house parties, what it means to follow your philosophy and why she considers herself a fan girl.

Avery came armed with her keyboard and in a Muses and Stuff first, performed her song Woke Up This Morning for us at the end of the episode. You can find all of Avery’s music on Spotify, iTunes, on her website or send her a message!

I read a comment under her video that said this “This woman is absolute dynamite. I have a tendency to find up and comers before they blow up, and I am putting all my money on Avery Florence!” So are we, she is one to watch. We will see you at the Dakota tavern on April 4th!

You can find Avery on Instagram @averyflorencemusic and online at

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