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The Dirty Nil is the kind of band that makes you remember why being a Groupie is the best thing in the world.

In a time where there is seemingly barbed wire on backstage doors and where the political climate is heavy and thick with sadness, it’s refreshing to spend time with a band that makes you temporarily forget wtf is happening in 2017 and make you feel present and happy to be exactly where you are right now.

I first met the Dirty Nil 5 years ago when I was experimenting with a new Macbook and capturing travelling musicians and Peterborough artists on my built-in camera to distract myself while completing a post-graduate degree. I realized then that this band was something extremely special and had the delight of hosting them in my tiny bedroom for hours while they acoustically serenaded me David Bowie songs (not bad for a band that’s punk af). I never released the footage after the grave realization that I had no editing skills nor the confidence to begin releasing things onto the interweb.

I got to chat with them again, this time at Lee’s Palace where they played with The Flatliners and Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs to a sold out crowd 2 nights in a row this past weekend.

We kept the conversation light, which is exactly what the Groupie spirit invokes. It’s always nice to do something with a band that’s NEW to them. Considering this band has been touring non stop, recording and releasing 2 albums including Minimum R n B (a compilation of their early 7 and 10 inch material) and their full length debut Higher Power and even winning a Juno Award for Breakthrough Band of theY, it was my pleasure to ask them some different kinds of questions and teach them a little bit about some famous Groupies.

** I do have to make the correction that instead of saying Brian Jones (in reference to one of the Rolling Stones that Anita Pallenberg dated first) I said DAVID Jones (probably because I had David Bowie on the mind) **

Being in the same room as these funny, sweet and insanely handsome band members made me feel all of those feelings of why I love being in the boys club so much to begin with. There is nothing like the energy of young men who are about to play to a couple of sold- out crowds, nearing the end of a Canadian tour about to begin the trip to Europe. Not that that’s always exactly the case, but it’s definitely a thing.

Not only is the band themselves a bunch of lovely, sweet, funny and did I mention HANDSOME group of young men, but the entire crew/ family that they were with were an exceptional bunch of people. It was wonderful to see friends and family out to support the band, and it was a delight interacting with their tour manager, actual manager, and also girlfriends and wives of said managers. Shout out to Adam for having that excellent quality of professionalism and fun in online interactions and also his wife, Tammy- for being a super babe. Also hi to their manager Mike who sat in for the last question of Groupie trivia and later showed me an article that was shared with him an hour after our interview about Anita Pallenberg. Talk about Divine Groupie Intervention!

In the last bit of Groupie nostalgia, if you’ve ever been one, you’ll know that there’s this thing called the post-show-Groupie-blues. This occurs for a number of reasons. For starters, you’ve been waiting to see this band play for awhile (sometimes up to five years!), and then when you do and they fucking rock their set, again you’re exactly where you want to be in that exact moment and never want it to end. (Speaking of which, these guys put on an incredible show and I had my favourite vantage point in all of Lee’s Palace. All of the view, none of the getting punched by shirtless dudes). Once the show is finished you have the pleasure of the mingling and the sweaty hugging and in our case that night, multiple shots of whisky. The blues come in the next day when you realize that you’ve ridden that roller coaster ride to the top, and as well all know- what goes up, must come down. I’ve felt this way before many times when my most favourite bands would come to town, a low level sadness that the party is over (for you, not them), and that you have to wait (let me check tour dates… 4 months) until they play your city again. It’s the Groupie cycle.

So what can you do? You can release their interview, take the opportunity to look through their pictures and add them to your website (curse yourself for forgetting once again to take a picture with them), and wait until they come back to hopefully serve their entire crew a nice big lunch on your deck and do a follow up interview.

Have fun in Germany, boys!


Listen to this week’s episode on iTunes or Stream the interview here:

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