EP 34: Interview with Denise Donlon

Denise Donlon began her career in music as a Much Music VJ in 1985 and by 1992 was named director of Music Programming before becoming VP and General manager in 1997. In the year 2000 Denise became the first female President of Sony Music Canada and remained there for 4 years. From 2008-2011 Denise was Executive Director of CBC English Radio. She has devoted herself to numerous charitable initiatives, working with organizations such as WarChild Canada, MusicCounts, and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership. She is a Feminist, a Humanist and a bad ass Social Activist. Denise also knows first hand that David Bowie always smelled like he had just gotten out of the shower. She has worked with and befriended many Canadian music LEGENDS such as Murray McLauchlan (who also happens to be her husband!), Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Denise Freakin’ Donlon at our Muses Headquarters where we got to pick that beautiful brain of hers. We ask such questions as: Is there a fine line between a Foolish and a Fearless Question, Why is it important to mix music and World Issues and which musicians she thinks are embodying the Music + Meaning = Magic formula.

Chanty comes out of yet another closet, the girls are so enthralled by Denise that they forget to take a picture and the girls bliss out about how they were brought by Denise to Jazz/Peace Heaven.

You can find Denise’ incredible memoir: Fearless as Possible (Under the Circumstances) wherever books are sold!



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1 thought on “EP 34: Interview with Denise Donlon

  1. Being much older than Chanty, I remember Denise being on Morningside with Peter Gzowski in the ’80s. In one particular interview she described actions MuchMusic was taking to get young people involved in a federal election. I was really impressed.

    I found her fascinating then, and she’s still fascinating today. And she’s Canadian! What a great role model.

    Thanks to this podcast, I finally started reading her memoirs, Fearless as Possible (Under the Circumstances). Great read. And is the music industry ever crazy!

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