Canadian Music Week Recap

Day 3 Thursday:

Thursday began with us heading over to the Sheraton to hear the one and only Denise Donlon discuss her incredible career in the Canadian Music scene as she was the celebrity interview at CMW this year. We furiously took notes while listening. Denise delivered an interview which was authentic, hilarious and ever inspiring. For the Q and A at the end, Chanty seriously considered asking Denise about her thoughts on the female representation for the panels, but then considered that there might be a fine line between a bold & brave question and a stupid one. Alas, she didn’t want to bite the hand that fed her a Media pass and so will be saving this conversation for their podcast episode! Our hearts skipped a Groupie beat when she recognized us from our Twitter and called US rockstars! Everyone should check out her incredible book Fearless as Possible (Under the Circumstances) and stay tuned to Muses and Stuff for a full episode with Denise!

After our incredible morning we chatted with Dave and Brad from 54-40. The full interview can be found here. For a band that has been doing interviews for over 30 years, they were extremely kind and super present, even getting around to calling themselves Groupies! Speaking of being a band for over 30 years, we have the honour of saying that we were their FIRST podcast. Cue the Almost Famous scene where the girls are jumping around the hotel room with scarves chanting “Deflower, deflower, deflower” !

Our night was spent at Lee’s Palace for the Matt Mays show. We caught Wildlife before Mays hit the stage and were thoroughly impressed with the lead singer who clearly puts everything he’s got into live performances. Matt played a great set despite his cold, and Chanty knew that when the left handed guitarist played Tom Petty’s “Learnin’ to Fly” lick during the 3-way guitar-off that it was for her. (It was confirmed later that it indeed was. Also, from now on every Tom Petty lick played ever on that guitar is directed to her- not confirmed but rather demanded).

Day 4 Friday: Day 4 was dedicated to self-care, rest and a show close to home. I (Chanty) realized just how gruelling a festival can be when you’re working it and developed some major empathy for artists who are constantly running around for sound check, doing interviews and working on minimal amounts of sleep. Everyone working the festival from the artists to the tour managers, organizers and interviewers bust their asses, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day in the name of Rock and Roll. This day was dedicated to baths, tea and intense conditioning hair masks, as well as a show at the Garrison. NOBRO, a three piece all girls rock band from Montreal who absolutely shredded. I had seen them before and even ran into a doll at the show!

Day 5 Saturday: We began our final night by heading to the Bovine to check out Crown Lands, a two-piece band from Oshawa. This was Lynx’s top pic for the festival. When I arrived before her and saw a young Jimmy Page lookalike on drums. I was not surprised, but obviously delighted. All cuteness and long hair aside, the duo had our attention with their energy and rad tunes. They not only win Best Hair at CMW but also Best Newcomers. We look forward to their second EP which comes out this summer and will certainly be front row for their next show.

We had to mosey on if we wanted to catch Daniel Romano at the Long Boat Hall. so we said goodbye to the Mick Jagger lookalike (I know, what was happening at the Bovine?!) and high tailed it to Queen St. The 70s were in full swing that night as Daniel and his band were dressed to impress the grooviest of kiddos. Afterwards, PARTNER came on and as Lynx and I reflected on our last show of CMW we couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out. Unless we were PARTNER meeting Melissa Ethridge, I don’t think anyone could have been more stoked about anything than that.

In the end, the shows we decided to catch were all hits. For our first festival, we really couldn’t have asked for anything more. Above all, we’re extremely fortunate to have made some fabulous connections, especially with those people in the biz whom we find SO fascinating: The Ladies. From Max’s Groupies, to our new doll friend Saphron, Kaitlin from Work Late, Sam the manager extraordinaire, Vanessa from Repartee’s management team, girlfriends of the band and Denise FREAKIN Donlon- girl power was in full swing. We can’t wait to do it all over again at some music festivals this summer. Look out ladies- the Muses are coming for you!

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