Canadian Music Week Recap: Nights 1 and 2

Night 1: Night one of CMW was a blast, MunziO and Zoobombs put on a great show at the Silver Dollar but it’s the women we encountered that gave us the biggest thrill. We met a whole group of girls donning matching shirts proudly displaying their groupie love for Max, singer of Knifey. Naturally we were inclined to talk to them and had to ask for a photo! While the bands raged on we noticed that Kathleen Hanna’s riot grrrl motto of “girls to the front” is still in full effect as ladies all around us rocked out, exchanging smiles whenever we caught the eye of another. One of of favourite things is chatting and making new friends during sets. Shout out to our new doll, Saphron! Our Zoobombs set was cut short by a quick, on the fly little interview with the ridiculously adorable boys from MunziO who came to here from Japan last year and gained a following by busking all over downtown Toronto. They put on a fun, high energy show and Jiro rocks out an acoustic guitar like no one we’ve ever seen. If you’re bummed about missing their show don’t be! The trio will be playing Lee’s Palace on May 13th and love new groupies!

You can listen to Chanty and Lynx’s chat with Muniz0 here:

Night 2: (Written by Chanty) This was the night I was most looking forward to because it was the Indies at the Phoenix hosted by Indie88. It was an award ceremony with performances by The Nursery, Repartee, Dan Mangan, The Wooden Sky, 54-40 and Hollerado.

It was clear to see why The Nursery had one the spot as the opening band, and it wasn’t only because of their excellent fashion choices. (The synth player was wearing a shirt with Nick Carter’s face on it that said “Am I sexual?”) Yeahhhhh.

I have seriously listened to the Wooden Sky’s album 10 times in its entirety since it’s release on Friday, so I was in heaven when they took the stage. That violin, though.

After grabbing a glass of water, I noticed that Dan Mangan was chillin’ after playing the most incredible 5 minute set. I couldn’t help but pose the question to Dan and his friend “Say?! Do you like Groupies?!” to be answered back by raised eyebrows and a laugh, to which I responded with, “Of course you do! Everyone loves a Groupie!” Sometimes you just have to go for it, and it sparked a conversation about the podcast and Groupie business cards were dished out. Maybe we have a new listener in Mr. Mangan!

As 54-40 took the stage, we were escorted backstage for our interview with Repartee. As I was following Lynx and the band, Gavin from the Wooden Sky was meandering about and I couldn’t help but tell him what a huge fan I was and then spill about the 10 time album listen. But what can I say, I’m a groupie with a capital G and he needed to know.

As we got upstairs to our interview spot, we both found out that we had friends chilling out backstage as well. It’s a small rock and roll world after all!

Today you can catch us at Denise Donlon‘s talk in the Osgoode Ballroom at the Sheraton Centre and then at the Matt Mays show at Lee’s Palace. Day 3 here we come!

You can listen to our Interview with Repartee here:


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