Episoe 20: Gail Zappa!

This week’s Groupie/Muse is Gail Zappa! She is the quintessential rock and roll wife. She was married to Frank Zappa with whom she had 4 children. Listen to hear the story of how it was “love at first sight” for Frank, what it’s like to run the household for a genius of Frank’s caliber and how she was the voice of reason and fairy godmother to many a Groupie in Laurel Canyon.

This week Chanty chats with Trevor Murphy, host and producer of the podcast AND radio show Halifax Is Burning. He’s also a musician and songwriter in such bands as Quiet Parade and Dance Movie. Chanty and Trevor first met in 2010 on their tour to Peterborough with Trevor’s then band, Sleepless Nights.

Trevor talks about music on the East Coast, which bands he’s a Groupie for and being a rock and roll husband. Chanty tells him not only about Gail, but adds in some Zappa children trivia, makes a Noel Fielding connection and tells the story of the night she spent in a tour van.

Other rock and rollers you’ll hear about in this episode: The Who, The Doors, the Mamas and Papas, Chris Hillman and the Beach Boys!


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