Angela Bowie (Episode 12)

This week, Chanty welcomes back the lovely and luscious Lynx O’Leary to talk about the one and only Angela Bowie. Without a doubt Angela was critical in the construction of La Bowie, she WAS La Bowie and her story is one worth shouting about!

In this episode we talk about sex and style, fun times and fashion! We discuss celebrating bisexuality and sexual freedom. ¬†Open marriages, velvet suits, tricking David into thinking his fashion choices were his own and THE LIGHT PEOPLE. Chanty reminds every one not to take rock and roll so seriously, and thus shares 2 stories of her rock and roll “misses”.

Lynx listens and speaks like a true rock and roll oracle, encouraging Chanty to save her rock and roll “kisses” for her future memoir. In the meantime, they’ll both be reading Pamela Des Barres’ new book “Let it Bleed: How to Write a Rockin’ Memoir” which you can pre-order on Amazon. Many of the dolls in our GTO group have chapters of their own!

Chanty’s song Recommendations of the Week are:

Groupie by SWIMM

I’ll be Stoned for Christmas by Dent May

and the album Christmas through the Fog by Quiet Parade

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1 thought on “Angela Bowie (Episode 12)

  1. Wow! I’d heard of Angela Bowie before, but had no idea how interesting she was on her own.

    A little suggestion: I’d love it if your episodes about these women ended with “where is she now.” I always like to know how things turned out for them.

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