Marianne Faithfull (Episode 11)

There are thousands of podcasts about True Crime. There is only ONE podcast about Groupies. It’s this one.

Today we discuss the legendary musician, muse and groupie: Marianne Faithfull. Without the influence of our guest this week, Lynx O’Leary, this podcast might not exist today. Listen in to find out why.

Other names and stories you’ll here on this episode are:

John Dunbar, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Angela Bowie, Cherry Vanilla (again, because she’s amazing), Pamela Des Barres, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Anita Pallenberg, Bebe Buell, Frank Zappa, Chris Hillman, Catherine James, Patti Boyd, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Miss Mercy and many more.



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