This week: Tura Satana aka Miss Japan Beautiful!

On this episode of Muses and Stuff, Chanty tells her friend Mike Small about the Ultimate Femme Fatale, Tura Satana! Tura Satana, aka Miss Japan Beautiful was the kick-ass woman who taught Elvis Presley how to kiss, dance and make love! She may have taught Elvis how to twirl his tassel, but she was so much more than that.

Tura was born in Japan in 1938 and relocated with her family to California during World Ward II where she was separated from her mother. ¬†She moved with her father and brother to Chicago’s West Side and at the age of 10 was brutally attacked by a group of men. Mike guesses correctly that she had a “Kill Bill” moment and sought revenge over her attackers and became the powerful martial artist who started her own bad-ass kick-ass girl gang in order to protect others in her community.

Tura later became a Burlesque dancer, attracting the likes of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. And the rest is history…

Mike Small plays bass in almost every band in Toronto. He and Chanty met during the summer time at a Disco Dance Party Around the World. Mike thinks that bands don’t really have time for Groupies these days, and Chanty disagrees. They bond over their love for the web series Yacht Rock, and Chanty gets distracted and doesn’t give Trevor Murphy from Halifax is Burning the proper shout out she meant to. Oopsies!

You can find Mike playing with A.A. Wallace for Halifax Pop Explosion Friday October 21st at the Seahorse Tavern and Saturday October 22nd at Reflections.

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