EP 45: Groupie Movies

Welcome to Round 2 of Groupie Movies! This time around your dolls give you more films starring Muses, biopics about some legendary musicians and the women they loved and some super fun films centered around groupies,[…]

EP 40: Viv Albertine

This week we bring you the incredible story of Viv Albertine which begins with the birth of punk rock in England. As a fashion student at the Chelsea School of Art she began dating Mick Jones[…]

EP 39: Jenny Boyd

This week’s episode is all about Jenny Boyd. You may recognize the Boyd name as a popular one in rock and roll history, as she’s sisters with Pattie Boyd (married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton) and Paula Boyd (who dated Eric before[…]

EP 38: Vanessa Heins

Vanessa Heins is a Rock and Roll photographer but she’s not just someone who takes photos of bands. She’s a fan, a friend and a creative individual in her own right. She is a true[…]

The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil is the kind of band that makes you remember why being a Groupie is the best thing in the world. In a time where there is seemingly barbed wire on backstage doors[…]

EP 35: Sandra Dee

This week Chanty and Lynx step back in time to give you the story behind dream lovers Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. Joined by modern day crooner and friend Alex Bird, Lynx and Alex tell[…]

EP 34: Denise Donlon

Denise Donlon began her career in music as a Much Music VJ in 1985 and by 1992 was named director of Music Programming before becoming VP and General manager in 1997. In the year 2000[…]

EP 33: The Actress in the Song

This week Chanty and Lynx throw together a fun list of actresses who have been muse to not only their directors, but to some famous musicians as well. Before getting into the muses, Chanty and[…]

EP 32: Chris O’Dell

Chris O’Dell was one of the first employees at Apple Records. She was an assistant to Peter Asher, working her way in to the lives, careers and hearts of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Leon[…]

EP 30: Courtney Love

The girls are back for another episode- just the two of them talking about some amazing women. Whether you love her or love to hate her, Courtney Love is undeniably one of rock n rolls modern[…]

The sweetest chit-chat with Fred Penner

Fred Penner is a 3-time Juno Award winning singer-songwriter who  just released his 13th Album which is called Hear the Music. Hear The Music features incredible Canadian talent including Ron Sexsmith, Alex Cuba, Basia Bulat, The Good[…]

54-40 at Canadian Music Week

It’s a first for Brad and Dave of 54-40- their first podcast interview! Brad, Dave, Chanty and Lynx chat about their favourite podcasts, what radio stations they’re listening to and how social media has changed the way fans interact[…]

EP 24: Cyrinda Foxe

This week Chanty and Lynx discuss the stunningly beautiful Cyrinda Foxe. Raised in a strict, often abusive household, Cyrinda found solace in rock n roll music and magazines. It was there she discovered women like[…]

EP 23: Pleasant Gehman Interview

Our guest this week is Pleasant Gehman. Crowned the Princess of Hollywood by Rodney Bingenheimer, this Goddess does it all. She’s a writer, actress, musician, tarot reader and alternative healer. It doesn’t stop there. Some[…]

EP: 22 Agnes DeMarco Interview

Agnes DeMarco is a Rock Star. A former ballerina, a true music lover and a guiding light of inspiration, she truly believes that music is the ultimate connector helping people to find their sense of[…]

Muses Mini-sode

It’s a mini musecast to get you by until next week! Chanty reads an email from a new listener and fan named Christy. She confirms that one of our Heartbreakers, Mike Campbell is just the[…]

EP: 21 Mrs. Micky Dolenz

This week Chanty and Lynx welcome special guest and fellow doll Jacqueline Dolenz. Not only does this redheaded beauty serve as web mistress to our beloved Miss P, she also created her own online community[…]

Teaser: Agnes DeMarco

Happy Family Day! What a perfect day to have a chat with the ULTIMATE rock and roll mama, Agnes Demarco! Here’s a little taste of what’s to come… communication, connection and the quiet revolution… we’ve got[…]

EP 20: Gail Zappa

This week’s Groupie/Muse is Gail Zappa! She is the quintessential rock and roll wife. Married to Frank Zappa with whom she had 4 children, it was “love at first sight” between the goddess and the[…]

Roxana Shirazi (Episode 19)

Roxana Shirazi is the author of “The Last Living Slut, Born in Iran: Bred Backstage”. She holds a Masters Degree in English and speaks at International Women’s Conferences on the Subject of Gender and Identity.[…]

Groupie Movies (Episode 18)

Did you know that Christian Bale was in a movie where he played a Groupie? Neither did we until Lynx told us on this weeks episode that’s all about Groupie Movies! FYI- That movie is called[…]

Anita Pallenberg (Episode 16)

“She was the most incredible woman I’d ever met. Dazzling, beautiful, hypnotic and unsettling. Her smile. Those carnivorous teeth obliterated everything. Other women evaporated next to her. I was utterly in her thrall and would[…]

Angela Bowie (Episode 12)

This week, Chanty welcomes back the lovely and luscious Lynx O’Leary to talk about the one and only Angela Bowie. Without a doubt Angela was critical in the construction of La Bowie. She WAS La[…]

Marianne Faithfull (Episode 11)

There are thousands of podcasts about True Crime. There is only ONE podcast about Groupies. It’s this one. Today we discuss the legendary musician, muse and groupie: Marianne Faithfull. Without the influence of our guest[…]

Male Groupies (Episode 9)

Chanty invites her brilliant doll-friend Andrea Holz over as a guest on the Musecast this week. They shake things up by discussing the MALE GROUPIES of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Andrea Holz is a writer, actor[…]

Elvira was a Groupie! (Episode 7)

On this week’s episode of Muses and Stuff, Chanty meets up with her long time friend Drew Demers in Peterborough, Ontario for a SPOOKY HALLOWE’EN recording! Chanty tells Drew the story of Cassandra Peterson, better[…]