EP 64: Rita Rae Roxx

This week Chanty presents the story of Rita Rae Roxx based on her book: Once Upon a Rock Star: Backstage Passes in the Heavy Metal Eighties – Big Hair, Bad Boys (and One Bad Girl). This[…]

Meet Sami Harris

Today Lynx and Chanty introduce you to Sami Harris- an LA doll who they met through the Queen- Pamela Des Barres! Sami Harris is 20 year old writer, social media influencer, music journalist and yogi[…]

EP 63: Ann Moses

This week Lynx tells Chanty all about the delightful Ann Moses. When Ann scored herself a job at Tiger Beat Magazine she, like it’s readers, was just a teen herself. Within a few short years she would go from a part time editorial assistant to editor in chief of the ever growing tween magazine. If you’re picturing her stuck at some desk… think again. Ann spent the majority of her time outside the office. You may have found her traveling on tour buses with Tiger Beat faves like Paul Revere and the Raiders, Dino, Desi & Billy and The Standells, or hanging out on tv and film sets like Where the Action Is, The Monkees and The Flying Nun.

EP 61: Suze Rotolo and Bob Dylan

This week Lynx takes you Greenwich Village in the 1960’s where poetry, politics and folk music take center stage. As a “red diaper baby” with 2 Communist parents, political activism was built into Suze’s DNA.[…]

EP 59: Jan Gaye

Life had never been easy for Jan but growing up listening to Marvin Gaye‘s sweet soulful voice on the record player came with daydreams of a promising future. So when the opportunity came to meet[…]

EP 58: Ben Fong-Torres

Today Chanty tells Lynx and listeners the story of BEN FONG- TORRES. We’ve been getting some requests to do another episode on a male Muse and/ or Groupie so listen up to see why we[…]

EP 57: Pat Benatar

Singer-Songwriter. Business Woman. Rock ’n’ Roll Icon. Feminist. Trailblazer. Wife & Mother. Put all that together (and then some!) and you have this weeks muse, the incredible Pat Benatar!  Growing up Pat dreamed of being[…]

EP 56: Ginger Gilmour

This week we bring you the story of Ginger Gilmour. She is an artist, a philanthropist, a colour therapy healer, a light worker, a mother to 4 children and the long time wife of David[…]

The Flatliners Interview

Last night Chanty and Lynx had the pleasure of speaking with Chris and Paul from The Flatliners before their sold out show at the Opera House in Toronto. These guys are celebrating the 10th anniversary[…]

EP 54: Linda Ronstadt

This week we bring you the story of the beautiful! the talented! the powerhouse of a woman that is LINDA RONSTADT. Chanty read Linda’s book Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir a few years back and[…]


This week Chanty and Lynx do an interview with two Canadian bands making incredible strides on the music scene. Alex Vissia and her band VISSIA are on tour right now all the way from Edmonton,[…]

EP 51: Kathy Etchingham

This week is all about Kathy Etchingham! Packing her bags and leaving her troubled childhood behind her at only 16, Kathy moved to London in search of the fun, glamourous lifestyle she had always dreamed[…]

EP 50: Yoko Ono

Episode 50! It’s a heavy hitter… YOKO ONO! Recorded on the same day of John and Sean’s birthday, Chanty tells Lynx about some of the incredible life lived so far by Yoko Ono. We go over[…]

Tom Petty

Chanty here. This week I speak about what it felt like to learn about the passing of Tom Petty. I’m processing and working through it the way I know how… being quiet and then talking[…]

EP 48: Mayte Garcia

By the time Mayte Garcia was 16 she’d had her whole future planned out. Belly dancing professionally since she was just 3 years old, Mayte knew she belonged in Cairo where all the great belly dancers perform.[…]

EP 47: Lori Lightning

This week Chanty and Lynx return to tell you all about the incredible LORI LIGHTNING! Lori found herself on the Sunset Strip in the 1970’s “by accident”. A teen model and one of the youngest of[…]

EP 45: Groupie Movies

Welcome to Round 2 of Groupie Movies! This time around your dolls give you more films starring Muses, biopics about some legendary musicians and the women they loved and some super fun films centered around groupies,[…]

EP 40: Viv Albertine

This week we bring you the incredible story of Viv Albertine which begins with the birth of punk rock in England. As a fashion student at the Chelsea School of Art she began dating Mick Jones[…]

EP 39: Jenny Boyd

This week’s episode is all about Jenny Boyd. You may recognize the Boyd name as a popular one in rock and roll history, as she’s sisters with Pattie Boyd (married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton) and Paula Boyd (who dated Eric before[…]

EP 38: Vanessa Heins

Vanessa Heins is a Rock and Roll photographer but she’s not just someone who takes photos of bands. She’s a fan, a friend and a creative individual in her own right. She is a true[…]

The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil is the kind of band that makes you remember why being a Groupie is the best thing in the world. In a time where there is seemingly barbed wire on backstage doors[…]

EP 35: Sandra Dee

This week Chanty and Lynx step back in time to give you the story behind dream lovers Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. Joined by modern day crooner and friend Alex Bird, Lynx and Alex tell[…]

EP 34: Denise Donlon

Denise Donlon began her career in music as a Much Music VJ in 1985 and by 1992 was named director of Music Programming before becoming VP and General manager in 1997. In the year 2000[…]

EP 33: The Actress in the Song

This week Chanty and Lynx throw together a fun list of actresses who have been muse to not only their directors, but to some famous musicians as well. Before getting into the muses, Chanty and[…]

EP 32: Chris O’Dell

Chris O’Dell was one of the first employees at Apple Records. She was an assistant to Peter Asher, working her way in to the lives, careers and hearts of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Leon[…]

EP 30: Courtney Love

The girls are back for another episode- just the two of them talking about some amazing women. Whether you love her or love to hate her, Courtney Love is undeniably one of rock n rolls modern[…]

The sweetest chit-chat with Fred Penner

Fred Penner is a 3-time Juno Award winning singer-songwriter who  just released his 13th Album which is called Hear the Music. Hear The Music features incredible Canadian talent including Ron Sexsmith, Alex Cuba, Basia Bulat, The Good[…]

54-40 at Canadian Music Week

It’s a first for Brad and Dave of 54-40- their first podcast interview! Brad, Dave, Chanty and Lynx chat about their favourite podcasts, what radio stations they’re listening to and how social media has changed the way fans interact[…]