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EP 25: Male Muses (The Boy in the Song)

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This week is all about the boys! Lynx and Chanty have rounded up 10 lesser known backstories to some of their favourite tunes that were inspired by the artists’ friends, family members, ex’s and fellow bandmates.

The pair also gush about their love for Steven Van Zandt, ponder the state of current rock “feuds” and discuss the fact that we all want a song written about us, that is until it turns out to be an unflattering one. Oh, and they also sing! (and are very sorry about that).

You can find most of these stories in the book “The Boy in the Song” By Michael Heatley & Frank Hopkinson, and be sure to check out our brand new Spotify account for a playlist specially curated for your pleasure!




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Bonus Episode: Something about Tom Petty with Kimberley from the Badassery Show Podcast

Chanty and Kimmy were introduced by a mutual friend because a) They are both badass women who have bad ass podcasts and perhaps more importantly, b) THEY ARE BOTH TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS!

Chanty and Kim have been chatting online for weeks and finally spent a night in together meeting face to face (kind of- Kim is an Australian living in Montreal)!

They share stories about where and when they heard TP & TH for the first time, discuss favourite albums (Chanty cannot decide, Kimmy can!) They also talk Mudcrutch, Petty solo records and Chanty tells a story about how she almost got into a fight in public defending why there absolutely should be at LEAST 4 discs of Runnin’ Down a Dream.

You can also see the video version of this episode on Youtube

Enjoy the mini!

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EP 24: Cyrinda Foxe

This week Chanty and Lynx discuss the stunningly beautiful Cyrinda Foxe.

Raised in a strict, often abusive household, Cyrinda found solace in rock n roll music and magazines. It was there she discovered women like Marianne Faithfull, Pattie Boyd, and Anita Pallenberg, divine women she describes as “absolutely superior”. In 1971, Cyrinda left home for New York City. It wasn’t long before she became a regular at Max’s Kansas City, making friends with Leee Black Childers and Candy Darling who transformed her look, giving her the “Marilyn Makeover” that caught the eye of Andy Warhol. Andy cast her in “Pork” where she met and befriended Cherry Vanilla, a woman she describes as “A pure work of art” (Chanty and Lynx full heartedly agree with this sentiment!)

It was through Cherry and Leee that Cyrinda met and fell for her first rockstar, David Bowie. Their affair was hot, hot, hot, and we have Cyrinda to thank for the fantastic song “Jean Genie” (though the lyrics are about Iggy and not her!) Her first marriage was to New York Dolls frontman David Johansson, but it’s her tempestuous second marriage to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler (and the tell-all book she wrote about it!) that really caused a stir. Lynx and Chanty discuss all this, and Cyrinda’s deep aversion to the word “Groupie”… tune in for the full story on this week’s episode!


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EP: 23 Pleasant Gehman Interview

Our guest this week is Pleasant Gehman. Crowned the Princess of Hollywood by Rodney Bingenheimer, this Goddess does it all. She’s a writer, actress, musician, tarot reader and alternative healer. It doesn’t stop there. Some of you may already know her as Princess Farhana- Belly Dancer extraordinaire. She is also the source of one of our favourite quotes: “Being a Groupie is like worshipping at the Church of Rock ‘n’ Roll and you are the High Priestess”.

Pleasant tells us exciting and hilarious tales from the LA Punk Scene. This includes how she befriended a then unknown Darby Crash and Pat Smear of The Germs.  She had a wild summer fling with Iggy Pop, and lived at Disgraceland (Punk’s notorious party house with roomates like Belinda Carlisle). She went from ‘zine maker to rock and roll journalist to performer and rock star in her own right, and she’s funny as hell.

We have a discussion about coming out of the Broom closet, how the veil is lifting and swap mutual paranormal experiences. Oh, and Chanty freaks out when she discovers that Pleasant once co-starred in a movie with Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys!!

Listen in to hear the whole story!


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You can find all of her books there including, Showgirl Confidential: My life Ontage, Backstage and on the Road and The Belly Dance Handbook: A Companion for the Serious Dancer

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EP: 22 Agnes DeMarco

Agnes DeMarco is a Rock Star. A former ballerina, a true music lover and a guiding light of inspiration, she truly believes that music is the ultimate connector helping people to find their sense of purpose. Oh, and she’s Mac DeMarco’s mom! She has introduced Mac’s band at festivals, joined him on tour and even gotten up on stage to sing alongside her son.

Agnes just returned from spending a few weeks chillin’ in LA with Mac and Keira and took some time to sit down with us to discuss a whoooooooole bunch of stuff! She taught us that Edmonton is the cultural mecca of the prairies and shares with us her upbringing in a musical household and talks about her dad Hank DeMarco, the bionic saxophone player.

We discuss music as a platform for social change, standing up for what you believe and how human connection is of total importance. That’s why Agnes takes the time to connect with Mac’s fans, responding to the questions and letters she receives from the Fan Club. Agnes tells us some amazing stories such as her first rock concert being CREAM because the cute boy on the bus told her to go!

She is our Rock and Roll Oracle, sharing her wisdom that you don’t have to be Bachman Turner Overdrive to be successfull in Canadian music, and that sometimes you don’t need anyone to fix it, you just need somebody to hold you.

We can’t thank Agnes enough for being such an open, kind and beautiful guest. We look forward to frequent check-ins to make sure we keep up to date in the world of Agnes! XOXOXO

Muses Mini-sode

It’s a mini musecast to get you by until next week! Chanty reads an email from a new listener and fan named Christy, who confirms that our Heartbreaker, Mike Campbell is just the sweetest. Lynx enlightens Chanty on the difference between a fan and groupie and Chanty shares what she’s been up to these days (being an extra in a BROS music video!). They pack a lot into this mini- from asking for autographs and photos to turning down offers of joining bands on tour. Catch our full interview with Agnes DeMarco out this Wednesday!

EP: 21 Mrs. Micky Dolenz

This week Chanty and Lynx welcome special guest and fellow doll Jacqueline Dolenz. Not only does this redheaded beauty serve as web mistress to our beloved Miss P, she also created her own online community dedicated to her main man Mr. Dolenz!

Jacqueline shares the story of her favourite Dolenz wife, the stunning Samantha Juste as well as her own journey from teenage mega-fan to backstage babe! Lots of laughs are had as all 3 ladies reminisce about their tween-age band related sexual awakenings and the importance of Micky’s nipples.

A huge thank you to the wonderfully fierce Jacqueline for coming on and sharing her passion with us. You can check out her work (and Micky’s nipples!) at

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Teaser: Agnes DeMarco

It’s family day and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than speaking with the ULTIMATE Rock and Roll mama: Agnes Demarco! Here’s a teaser- look for full episode coming soon!


Episoe 20: Gail Zappa!

This week’s Groupie/Muse is Gail Zappa! She is the quintessential rock and roll wife. She was married to Frank Zappa with whom she had 4 children. Listen to hear the story of how it was “love at first sight” for Frank, what it’s like to run the household for a genius of Frank’s caliber and how she was the voice of reason and fairy godmother to many a Groupie in Laurel Canyon.

This week Chanty chats with Trevor Murphy, host and producer of the podcast AND radio show Halifax Is Burning. He’s also a musician and songwriter in such bands as Quiet Parade and Dance Movie. Chanty and Trevor first met in 2010 on their tour to Peterborough with Trevor’s then band, Sleepless Nights.

Trevor talks about music on the East Coast, which bands he’s a Groupie for and being a rock and roll husband. Chanty tells him not only about Gail, but adds in some Zappa children trivia, makes a Noel Fielding connection and tells the story of the night she spent in a tour van.

Other rock and rollers you’ll hear about in this episode: The Who, The Doors, the Mamas and Papas, Chris Hillman and the Beach Boys!


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Roxana Shirazi (Episode 19)

Roxana Shirazi is the author of “The Last Living Slut, Born in Iran: Bred Backstage”. She holds a Masters Degree in English and speaks at International Women’s Conferences on the Subject of Gender and Identity.

She’s Chanty and Lynx’ first 90’s/ 00’s Groupie and wins the Muses and Stuff Award for Best Chapter Titles in a Groupie book we’ve read so far. For your ultimate listening pleasure, we have a fan-favourite past guest, the one and only, Simeon Hammond-Dallas read out the titles in her beautiful English accent!

Chanty gives a big loving shout-out to her unofficial sponsor of the show, I’m with the Band Headbands! They’re beautiful hand made headbands by a beautiful team of women in LA. IWTBH is everything you could ever imagine a dream Groupie- company being. We love you.

Chanty and Lynx have a lot of laughs in this sexy and outrageous episode. Thank you for listening!


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Groupie Movies (Episode 18)

Did you know that Christian Bale was in a movie where he played a Groupie? Neither did we until Lynx told us on this weeks episode that’s all about Groupie Movies! FYI- That movie is called Velvet Goldmine.  We’ve since watched it and it’s AMAZING.

Needing something to get you through the cold winter nights? Warm up with these steamy movie recommendations. Love, Chanty and Lynx.


Bobbie Brown “The Cherry Pie Girl” (Episode 17)

From Miss Louisiana Teen USA to Star Search to the Cherry Pie video, this week we talk Bobbie Brown! She’s Chanty’s first Groupie of the 80’s & 90’s, and her doll friend Andrea Holz is here to tell (some of) her story.

Bobbie was married to Jani Lane of Warrant, was in a relationship with Tommy Lee, had a one night stand with LEONARDO DICAPRIO RIGHT BEFORE HE DID ROMEO & JULIET (!!!!!), developed a drug addiction and starred on the reality show the Ex-Wives of Rock, before writing her book: Dirty Rocker Boys. Her story is one hell of an intro to this era of Groupie.

Among Mrs. Cherry Pie, Chanty talks about her magical experience at the Sam Roberts show, his new album and once again discusses magic, David Bowie and clairsentience.

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Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones (Episode 16)

“She was the most incredible woman I’d ever met. Dazzling, beautiful, hypnotic and unsettling. Her smile. Those carnivorous teeth obliterated everything. Other women evaporated next to her. I was utterly in her thrall and would have done anything for her” – Marianne Faithfull

We’re talking about Anita Pallenberg.

This week welcomes back the always alluring and fiercely intelligent Lynx O’Leary. She’s here with another scintillating tale, and this one is about Anita Pallenberg. You may know Anita as the best friend of Marianne Faithfull or perhaps from her partnership with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones with whom she had 3 children.

The dolls open the show by talking about the perplexing and erotic movie “Performance” starring both Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg. Chanty gets under the covers with Mick for a brief moment and then asks Lynx a whole lot of questions about the boundary pushing movie.

They discuss how Anita was bright, entertaining, manipulative, cosmopolitan and always the life of the party. Incredibly fashionable, Keith found his style- no surprise- by going through Anita’s closet. From her relationship first with Brian Jones to Keith Richards to Mick Jagger to her heroin addiction, Anita’s story is beyond fascinating… just like her.

You’ll learn about her influence on Keith and hear excerpts from both Marianne and Keith’s autobiographies about this wild woman who gave Keith’s hard partying ways a run for his money. According to Marianne, Anita’s influence transformed the Stones “from pop stars to cultural icons”, and we agree.

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The Modern Muse: Emma Tillman (Episode 15)

This week we completely skip over the 80s and 90s (because Chanty can’t emotionally handle them yet) and talk about a Modern Muse!

This beaming light of babe-shine is Emma Tillman, wife of Josh Tillman (aka the Sexiest Man in Rock and Roll right now). We talk about how she’s the quintessential muse, having the brains, beauty and talent to rival her rock god’s.

Chanty invites her brother Blake back on as a guest and they record on David Bowie (and Elvis’!) birthday. They fight with their family cat for the spotlight and talk about Real Love, Baby.

In this episode, Chanty finally reveals a Groupie story of her own. It’s about the summer evening she spent with Josh Tillman himself, a true gentleman.

Chanty and Blake talk about the magical land that is Laurel Canyon, and of course make connections between Miss Pamela (yes again, and forever), Bebe Buell and the sexy rockers and groupies goddesses of the Canyon back in the swingin’ 60s.

Finally, Chanty loses track of words when she begins to express her belief that FJM is the best thing to have happened to rock and roll music in recent time and resists the urge to yell out “AND HE’S SO F****** HOT” in front of her Brother because that would be inappropriate. Enjoy!

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Cynthia Plaster Caster (Episode 14)

This episode is brought to you from Montreal, Quebec! My guest this week is an artist, musician and board member for Rock Camp for Girls Montreal and a dear, dear friend.

Brought to you from Tricia’s sweet apartment (which Chanty hardly left on account of having the flu), they discuss The Plaster Casters of Chicago.

This week, you may be surprised to learn that Cynthia Plaster Caster was shy and hadn’t even seen a “member” until the day that she made her first plaster cast! But as you will soon discover “the road to getting laid is paved in plaster!”

Chanty discusses balancing chakras (it’s Muses and STUFF, guys!), filling her heart containers and growing her girl gang. Just as Pamela Des Barres cooed over her new friend and love, Cynthia, Chanty coos over her love for Tricia and they discuss their mutual love for tall skinny Brits (hello, Noel Redding!) Among Noel Redding, you’ll learn about Cynthia’s connection to the Hollies, Jimi Hendrix and his band members, Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton and The Monkees.

They also discuss women supporting one another, make flu-crazy puns about “members” and tell you that if you don’t think that making plaster replicas of penises is an art, then you are “uptight, shortsighted and don’t have a very good sense of humor”. So sick back, relax, and let’s have some podcast fun!


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Sweet Connie (Episode 13)

“On the road for 40 days

Last night in Little Rock put me in a haze

Sweet, sweet Connie, doin’ her act

She had the whole show and that’s a natural fact”

Those are the opening lines to Grand Funk Railroad’s We’re an American Band, much to Connie Hamzy’s delight… and much to her parents’ horror! Sweet Connie very well might be one of rock’s most promiscuous muses… and she’s damn proud of it! From Led Zeppelin to the Who, a threesome with two of the Eagles and even Frank Zappa, Connie’s conquests are remarkable… and they don’t end there!

It’s just me and you this week listener as I bring you a mini-sode.  I cozy up in Ontario’s version of Little Rock Arkansas, to bring you the sweet and sometimes shocking story of our girl, Connie. Her reputation preceded her so that she had requests from concert promoters who would give her backstage passes to all the shows her little groupie heart desired.

We’ll make this description short and sweet… just like this episode. Tune in to catch your last Groupie fix of 2016! See you in the New Year!

Angela Bowie (Episode 12)

This week, Chanty welcomes back the lovely and luscious Lynx O’Leary to talk about the one and only Angela Bowie. Without a doubt Angela was critical in the construction of La Bowie, she WAS La Bowie and her story is one worth shouting about!

In this episode we talk about sex and style, fun times and fashion! We discuss celebrating bisexuality and sexual freedom.  Open marriages, velvet suits, tricking David into thinking his fashion choices were his own and THE LIGHT PEOPLE. Chanty reminds every one not to take rock and roll so seriously, and thus shares 2 stories of her rock and roll “misses”.

Lynx listens and speaks like a true rock and roll oracle, encouraging Chanty to save her rock and roll “kisses” for her future memoir. In the meantime, they’ll both be reading Pamela Des Barres’ new book “Let it Bleed: How to Write a Rockin’ Memoir” which you can pre-order on Amazon. Many of the dolls in our GTO group have chapters of their own!

Chanty’s song Recommendations of the Week are:

Groupie by SWIMM

I’ll be Stoned for Christmas by Dent May

and the album Christmas through the Fog by Quiet Parade

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Marianne Faithfull (Episode 11)

There are thousands of podcasts about True Crime. There is only ONE podcast about Groupies. It’s this one.

Today we discuss the legendary musician, muse and groupie: Marianne Faithfull. Without the influence of our guest this week, Lynx O’Leary, this podcast might not exist today. Listen in to find out why.

Other names and stories you’ll here on this episode are:

John Dunbar, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Angela Bowie, Cherry Vanilla (again, because she’s amazing), Pamela Des Barres, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Anita Pallenberg, Bebe Buell, Frank Zappa, Chris Hillman, Catherine James, Patti Boyd, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Miss Mercy and many more.




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Cherry Vanilla and David Bowie (Episode 10)

In this épisode of Muses and Stuff, Chanty has a sleepy late-night chit chat with her very good, very dear friend Sam Murdock. Sam is rock ‘n’ roll personified, touring with his bands Lesbo Vrouven and Oromocto Diamond for as long as she can remember. His band is so good that even the sound guys buy merch at his shows. His record label, P572 will soon be celebrating its 13th anniversary and we can only hope for an 11th show with Hot Kid.

The Groupie/ Muse of the week is Cherry Vanilla. She was a writer for Creem magazine, a sexy rock ‘n’ roll DJ during the Vietnam War and David Bowie’s uber publicist. She got bit by the rock ‘n’ roll bug after having a conversation with Dean Martin at the age of 9 and had her first rock ‘n’ roll scorn with Burton Cummings on a tour bus. Other things you’ll learn this episode include why you should probably change your name if you talk about sexy things on the air and that Cherry once had a standoff with Patti Smith to sleep with Kris Kristofferson.

Listen carefully to catch Sam utter the words “nice perfect adult passionate fun”… and you’ll be surprised to find out who he is referring to. Okay… it’s his best friend, Seb.

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Here I am in a cool jacket on a Saturday afternoon in November.

Male Groupies (Episode 9)

Chanty invites her brilliant doll-friend Andrea Holz over as a guest on the Musecast this week. They shake things up by discussing the MALE GROUPIES of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Andrea Holz is a writer, actor and producer working on her own web series called That’s Why I Like Her. She’s a bad assed, confident chick just like our legendary muses. Andrea goes after what she wants and is PROUD OF IT. Andrea and Chanty met through Miss P’s Toronto Dolls- a group of ladies in Toronto who love Pamela Des Barres and who are passionate and artistic in their own right.

In this episode, Chanty and Andrea “take rock ‘n’ roll by the balls” and delve into why people are afraid of the word GROUPIE. They (eventually) get to the Groupies of the episode which include Cameron Crowe, Danny Fields, Rodney Bingenheimer and a dude named Pleather!

Chanty and Andrea also discuss how there are certain levels of Groupiedom. They make the arguement that if you have ever supported a band and worn their t-shirt down the street, then baby, you are a Groupie too!

Some Rock ‘n’ Roll trivia you will learn is how Cameron Crowe married HEART front-woman, Nancy Wilson, that Chanty’s bff Carmen Townsend toured with them (!) and how Danny Fields and Rodney Bingenheimer were fans turned rock ‘n’ roll personalities catapulting rock stars such as Jim Morrison, the Ramones, Blondie and Iggy Pop into mega stardom.

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Michele Overman and Robert Plant (Episode 8)

“Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair…” That girl was Michele Overman and she’s our Mystical Muse of the week. She was Robert Plant‘s LA girl,  dated a certain Steven before he was world famous, and continues to rock and rule to this day!

In the first “season finale” of the podcast, Chanty invites her long-time rock and roll crush, Will Dre over for a little chat! They discuss Chanty’s week hosting the one and only world famous Groupie, Miss Pamela Des Barres in her home for a writing workshop and dish about the time she met Tom Petty! Chanty forgets to disclose what Pamela said about being on top of Jimmy Page’s amp was like (it was awesome, and no she didn’t wear earplugs), and Chanty mispronounces Greenwich village… twice.

In this episode you’ll also hear how Pamela and Michele met at a Flying Burrito Brothers concert in 1969 and fell in love with each other while falling in love with Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman, respectively.

Some things you WON’T hear is how, off-mic over coffee, Chanty tells Will that it was actually one of the GTO’s that inspired Alice Cooper’s makeup, and Will tells Chanty that before he was in Billie Dre and the Poor Boys, one of his bands opened up for KISS.

There won’t be an episode next week, so this is the perfect opportunity to get caught up on previous episodes! Until next time, babes!


The one and only Will Dre…

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Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

On this week’s episode of Muses and Stuff, Chanty meets up with her long time friend Drew Demers in Peterborough, Ontario for a SPOOKY HALLOWE’EN recording!

Chanty tells Drew the story of Cassandra Peterson, better known to most as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! Before Elvira was the spooky sexy horror hostess, she was sweet Cassandra- the virgin Groupie from Kansas.

Drew travelled from Montreal to Peterborough to not only record an episode, but to play a GAGNER reunion show after an 8 year hiatus and 10 years after their first album recording. GAGNER is a beloved band with Peterborough origins, and the group with whom Chanty got her original Groupie start.

Recording from the most spooky hotel in town, the two Nanobot Record Co-op alums reminisce about the infamous parties they had, gush over Raymond from The Famines and drop the word “harlot” more times than is necessary.

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Pamela Des Barres- Queen of the Groupies! (Episode 6)

In this episode of Muses and Stuff, Chanty finally gets to dedicate an entire episode to the most legendary of the music muses, Pamela Des Barres!

Pamela Des Barres is the author of I’m with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie, Let’s Spend the Night Together and Take Another Little Piece of my Heart- to name a few! She is THE rock ‘n’ roll voice of her generation, the woman who inspired Cameron Crowe’s Penny Lane, an ordained minister and so, so much more. She was and is a true shining light force, as well as a friend and confidant to such rock royalty as Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger and (of course!) Michael Des Barres.

Miss P is the inspiration and driving force behind this podcast, and Chanty can’t wait to host her writing workshop in Toronto in just one week’s time! One episode cannot do the High Priestess justice, so consider this the first of many.

Chanty’s brother, Blake sits with her to listen to Pamela’s many cute, loveable and magical encounters!


LOS ANGELES - JUNE 3: Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page arrives for an after party at Rodney's English disco accompanied by his girlfriend Miss Pamela (Pamela Des Barres) He will leave the party with the teenage Lori Maddox on June 3, 1973 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Richard Creamer/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 3: Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page arrives for an after party at Rodney’s English disco accompanied by his girlfriend Miss Pamela (Pamela Des Barres) Photo by Richard Creamer/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

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Let’s get weird and watch a movie! The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years

In this EXPERIMENTAL episode of Muses and Stuff, we’re having a movie night! I watch the Decline of Western Civilization Part II: the Metal Years. No guest. It’s just me and you, listener!

I also eat a lot of almond butter, give my rock and roll opinions, tell some stories and ask some questions. You could consider this an episode of Muses and Stuff, or you could just cue up the movie on your TV or laptop, cue up the podcast on your mobile device and prepare yourself for an hour and a half of the right amount of nuts.

Here’s some Stuff you’ll learn:

  •  I make a connection between a hair metal band and last week’s Muse, Tura Satana.
  • There’s a new rock ‘n’ roll term and it’s called “Alan Hoskin Eyes”.
  • Everyone should wear eyeliner and a fur coat at some point in their lives.
  • Joe Perry thinks he should get royalties whenever another band puts a scarf on their microphone.
  • I put a scarf on my microphone to feel closer to my new hair metal friends.
  • There are baby metal heads.
  • I mistake the name Bret Michaels for both Shawn Michaels and Bret the Hitman Heart and become disappointed when I realize he is neither of them.
  • There are double standards between men and women in Rock and Roll (shocking!)
  • People are on alcohol and when you’re on too much alcohol, that is bad.
  • Drugs are bad.
  • Don’t do drugs.
  • Follow your dreams and don’t do drugs.

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This week: Tura Satana aka Miss Japan Beautiful!

On this episode of Muses and Stuff, Chanty tells her friend Mike Small about the Ultimate Femme Fatale, Tura Satana! Tura Satana, aka Miss Japan Beautiful was the kick-ass woman who taught Elvis Presley how to kiss, dance and make love! She may have taught Elvis how to twirl his tassel, but she was so much more than that.

Tura was born in Japan in 1938 and relocated with her family to California during World Ward II where she was separated from her mother.  She moved with her father and brother to Chicago’s West Side and at the age of 10 was brutally attacked by a group of men. Mike guesses correctly that she had a “Kill Bill” moment and sought revenge over her attackers and became the powerful martial artist who started her own bad-ass kick-ass girl gang in order to protect others in her community.

Tura later became a Burlesque dancer, attracting the likes of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. And the rest is history…

Mike Small plays bass in almost every band in Toronto. He and Chanty met during the summer time at a Disco Dance Party Around the World. Mike thinks that bands don’t really have time for Groupies these days, and Chanty disagrees. They bond over their love for the web series Yacht Rock, and Chanty gets distracted and doesn’t give Trevor Murphy from Halifax is Burning the proper shout out she meant to. Oopsies!

You can find Mike playing with A.A. Wallace for Halifax Pop Explosion Friday October 21st at the Seahorse Tavern and Saturday October 22nd at Reflections.

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Cutie Reviews for the Musecast!

Here’s one from Chanty’s honey-rock friend Tyler:

“If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, Peterborough ex-pat Chanty Savicky has a new podcast called Muses and Stuff, wherein she discusses the women– girlfriends, wives, groupies, disciples, mistresses and general objects of desire– who inspired the musicians of the 60’s and 70’s.

This is classic-rock and roll trivia delivered to you with the excitement of a a piece of gossip that really ought to stay between friends (Did you know Eric Clapton threatened to do Heroin if George Harrison’s wife, Patti Boyd, didn’t leave the party with him?). Clearly this podcast, and Chanty’s many hours of research, are a labor of love, and it shows in the depth of research and breadth of knowledge on display here. Chanty, I believe, has proven herself an expert on the subject.

Check it out! 10/10, would recommend!”

And here’s one from a beauty friend and fellow Nanogirl, TamJam:

“Beautiful dearest Chanty! I downloaded your first three podcasts and saved them for my driving trips. You kept me company from Whitby to Peterborough to Kingston today. I cried and I laughed and I learned things I didn’t know before! I also thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Just want you to know that I love you. And I’m looking forward to the next two sessions taking me to Gatineau, and the third joining me on my way to Montreal! You’re the best.”

No, Tammi, YOU’RE the best. XO




Episode 3: Patti D’Arbanville and Mark Harris

Hey babes! Thanks for tuning in again this week. In this episode I chat with my long time musician, artist and vagabond friend Mark Harris about Patti D’Arbanville, the beauty and heartbreaker who inspired Cat Steven’s “Wild World”. We also talk about a lot of other stuff! You’ll learn about where I got my Groupie start, my all girl gang “The Nanogirls” and that time I inspired Mark to write a song about a sandwich. Mark talks about “alternative living arrangements”, I butcher the name “Yusuf” (I’m sorry) and we all learn that no matter how much yoga and meditation we do, it will never be like dropping acid.


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Episode 2: Bebe Buell and Nick Ferrio

Welcome to Episode 2! This is a fun one! Chanty chats with Nick Ferrio: Recording artist, songwriter and ultimate sweetie hunk about Bebe Buell: Rebel Model, Rock and Roll singer and all around bad ass muse!


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Episode 1: Pattie Boyd and Simeon Hammond- Dallas

Happy Wednesday babes! In the first episode of Muses and Stuff, Chanty talks to Simeon “the Siren” about the musical muse to George Harrison and Eric Clapton; the one and only Pattie Boyd.

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Pattie Boyd, George Harrison and Eric Clapton

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Episodes will be posted on iTunes in the next few weeks. Stay mystical!


Welcome to the Muses and Stuff Podcast!

Hello and welcome! My name is Chanty and this is my podcast, Muses and Stuff

The Muses Part: I tell you the stories of rock and roll’s most legendary muses and groupies!

The Stuff Part: Magic, yoga, snails, crystal healing and almond butter…

Stay tuned for the release of the first episode where I tell my friend Simeon “the Siren” Hammond-Dallas the story of Pattie Boyd and her life as a muse to both George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

dscf1933George Harrison of the Beatles and his wife, formerly actress Patti Boyd, are pictured during their honeymoon at Sandy Lane beach in Barbados on 11th February 1966